The Fastest Proxy Server

proxy server

High-performance enterprise content management at decentralized locations

Even in the age of modern and powerful fiber optic cable many wrap Companies still have their data traffic over narrow band connections such as analog telephone lines. Either because powerful Network connections are not due to the individual geographical situation are feasible, or simply for cost reasons.

Frequently these are companies decent rally organized and maintained a wide-spread network of distributed offices,

However, the competition makes it necessary, even on internal information quickly to be able to access. But narrow-band lines not only bring the companies decisive disadvantages in the rapid provision of business-relevant documents.

Also an efficient handling of the business processes associated with the documents is delayed significantly. The solution to this problem is called proxy server. Of the Proxy Server can organize traffic on low-performance networks so that the exchange of information on a virtual information superhighway extremely efficiently handled by fast buffer.

To use this Cache, also referred to as cache, is proxy server ideally suited, because they organize the entire “traffic” between control centers, Branches, branches, offices, departments and divisions fully automatic, without expensive investment in new hardware components and without large administration effort.

Exactly for this special task the proxy server has been developed. In conjunction with the Ecosystems guarantees the company locations a completely uncomplicated way Information management that is essential for your effective business is.

But this does not only include the sole access to information and their Distribution, but also a targeted and fast information search in the collected knowledge of all involved divisions. And even regardless of the number of users currently active in the system.

Cache functions.

When using the proxy server for data exchange via narrow-band lines, the client software is used as standard, which are also used in a locally installed client / server environment comes. For the users, it is thus completely irrelevant, whether at their sites actually a “real” server or “only” a proxy server is working.

The basic principle of the proxy server is based on a cache memory for win dream ECM objects. The objects are not just the documents defined their additional attributes (meta data), but also the internal ones Objects of the ECM core such as document types, folder types, masks, Attributes of an object type and so on.

If an object or a document is requested by a client, the client directs its request to the Proxy server.

This checks whether the binary object in the current version is in the cache memory lies. If the binary object is present in the cache, it immediately becomes the associated application made available. At the same time it will be in the central archive of the ECM system locked to prevent concurrent access by multiple clients.

In this way, the proxysite resolves possible inconsistencies of data consistently and without further intervention by the user. If the binary object is not in the cache of the proxy server, it will request it to the central archive.

The binary object can now be linked with the linked application open as usual and is locked in the central archive during the processing period. After Successful updating or editing by the user is the

Proxy server the binary object back in the central archive for other users and available picks up the lock. At the same time, the object is in fast cache memory for more Access granted by the user.

An intelligent business logic ensures that the objects in the cache are always available synchronously with the data available in the central archive are.

The access of a client is analogous to a direct access of the Clients to the actual main server. The proxy server adds to it Provides the same interfaces as the ECM service and thus enables also a transparent work on the interfaces.

The proxy server is executable from 4.0 as client / server system. The proxy server and the main servers must be installed on separate computers.

It also works without major investment. The proxy server enables companies to an efficient and inexpensive data connection without much investment too realize.

In particular, companies and organizations working in many individual locations work independently and work independently, benefit from the performance of the Proxy servers to a considerable extent.

Apart from that, the proxy server exchanges data between geographically separated branches in each case accelerated significantly, will be a high-performance exchange of information on electronic Way through the proxy server often possible in the first place.