How To Sew The Clothes Perfectly?

machine sewing clothes

The Best Tips To Sew Clothes With The Modern Sewing Machines


Place the best sewing machines on a sturdy table, a long counter top, or a square cabinet attached to the sewing machine. Sit at the desk and make sure the height of the chair fits the table.

Place the sewing machine so that the needle end is on your left-hand side and the sewing machine body is on the right side. You will need to check a few things and understand how the sewing machine works, so don’t connect the power supply first.


Put the needle firmly. The needle of the sewing machine has a flat side, so it can only be installed in one direction, usually with the flat side facing back. The other side of the flat surface is a needle groove.

When installing, the needle groove must face the direction in which the thread penetrates (the thread moves in the needle groove and is inserted into the fabric up and down).

Insert the needle into the needle bar and tighten the thumbscrew. If your sewing machine has a needle attached, check that it is mounted straight and sharp.


Determine the presser foot of the sewing machine, that is, the ski-like parts pressing the cloth. Make sure that a basic presser foot (as shown) is installed and its screws tightened.

Find the presser bar and practice raising and lowering the presser foot. Usually, the presser bar is on the right or back of the needle. Lift or lower the presser bar all the way.


Wind the bobbin and install it on the sewing machine. The sewing machine uses two types of thread, a bobbin thread, and a bobbin thread, all of which must be wound around the bobbin. Usually, the sewing machine instructions have detailed instructions on how to wind and attach the bobbin.


You can also thread in the direction indicated on the sewing machine body.

Normally the installation direction of the line follows this common mode: left, bottom, top, bottom, hook end, piercing needle. Another threading method is a string, pull, raise the pick, needle, and use the threader.

The bollard is the place where the coil is placed. Pull the thread from the bobbin and pick the pole to receive the extra thread (for the bobbin thread to make a loop around the shuttlecock) and retreat to prepare the next stitch.