Most Common Causes Of Pimples On The Chin

acne on chin

Hormone Fuctuations

Acne On Chin, Whether during puberty or adulthood, blackheads and pimples occur regularly, the diagnosis of acne falls quickly.

And although the mechanisms are always the same and play a key role in the male sex hormone testosterone, pimples on the chin do not necessarily have to be acne in the classical sense.

This is particularly true for women, as these pimples on the chin often occur shortly before the onset of the period. And that is a clear sign that the cause of these hormonal fluctuations.

In the period just before the menstrual period starts, the estrogen level drops, while at the same time the testosterone level rises. And just this male sex hormone is the number one pimple-causing.

So it is not surprising that pimples are on the chin just in time.

In short, the typical periodic pimple is usually spread to the chin.

Most of these pimples soon fade away on the onset of the period, but of course, it takes a while for them to be seen.

Annoying are these cycle-related torments, so they would like to get rid of each person, of course, finally. Luckily, there are also different ways to do this.


A good cleaning and care tailored to your skin’s appearance is an important component of your anti-acne plan.

Even if the causes of pimples are almost always inside the body and therefore you have to fight there, you can achieve success with a good cleansing and a similar cream.

This is especially true for cycle-related pimples that typically occur before the period.

During this time, you should pay attention to your facial care and use a mild cleansing that does not attack the acid mantle of the skin, but this reliably relieves dirt, superfluous sebum, and dead skin cells.

Then you should just on the “dangerous” days apply a thin layer of BPO on the dry skin. You do not even have to cream your entire face with it. It is a good idea to have a bloop on the chin.

You should do this every evening if possible. The active ingredient BPO effectively fights P. acnes bacteria so that pimples do not even arise.

Allow The BPO To Soak In A Light But Intensive Moisturizer

Make sure that it is not comedogenic – so it does not clog pores – and is as oil-free as possible.

Especially recommended are special moisturizers for dried out treatments. These provide a lot of moisture without causing impurities.

If you know that you get pimples on the chill before your period starts, you can also switch to a lighter moisturizer every month during this time. So you also relieve your skin.