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How To Set Hair Style Men?

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The Hairstyling Guide For Men

Short hari frisurs are about detailed work, an accurate cut and the right hair styling techniques are required  for the outclass look.

We experience how men can perfectly style their hair in and excellent manner.

Many men see short hairstyles as a practical option for everyday life without much room for styling.

The latter argument, however, is only partially correct: With the right styling products, short hair turns out to be amazingly versatile and give their wearers a unique look. As our three trends prove, styling short hair is all about one thing: attention to detail.


If one is missing in the morning, then it’s time – especially for hairstyling. A promising solution is the “out-of-bed” look, in which the hair is set up for a short time and then slips easily into the face.

Unlike the side apex should be used for the casual effect no shiny hair wax, but a matte paste. It offers a little stronger hold and gives the hair the characteristic “undone” shine, without being neglected.

This style for short hair can be rounded off by a 3-day beard. The look is certainly the most uncomplicated way to style short hair. Ever thought of an undercut? Then this look is perfect as a transitional style.

When styling in the morning, short hair is a real time saver, but you will need to recut the hairdresser about every four weeks to maintain the contours. It raises the elementary question:

“Where to the vertex?” A perennial favorite is the side parting, especially to style short hair. Classically, the point of attachment of the vertex is parallel to the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Men with a rather round face can move their apex about one to two centimeters towards the middle of the head to optically stretch their face shape.

Hairstyle men with high cheekbones can also shift their vertices’s extremely sideways, which emphasizes the part of the face below the eyes.


The “Beck ham” is among women as one of the most attractive men’s hairstyle that can be styled with short hair – and more than ten years. For modeling you simply put on two side vertices’s.

The intervening hair is first styled to the middle and then forward. Depending on the hair type, hair gel is recommended starting from a medium strength upwards. If you want, you can fix after modeling with the hair dryer.