A Short Note About The Bench Type Drill Machines

power drill machine

Bench Drills Are Mainly Available in Two Sizes

General-purpose devices with properties in the range of large hand drills or slightly above;

small, high- speed blanks (often with speeds of up to 10,000 rpm) for small bore diameters, usually a maximum of 3 mm. Circuit board drilling machines are often equipped with fixed magnifying glass and lighting to be able to set the small drill holes exactly.

Column Boring Machine

Column drilling machines and column drilling machines are particularly suitable for handy workpieces. The machine consists of foot, column or stand, drilling table and drill head.

The column or the stand serves as a guide for the drilling table, which can be radially adjusted and clamped in height and in the column boring machine. For fixing the workpiece on the drilling table usually a machine vice is used.

A gearbox transmits the power of the motor to the drilling Pinole with drilling spindle and drill chuck. By rotating a hand rim or mechanically driven, the drill spindle can be moved vertically downwards towards the work piece.

The automatic feed can usually be set in several stages. The difference between upright and column drilling machine lies in the design of the support.

The upright drilling machine has a rectangular stand with guides for the drilling table, also called a desk drilling machine, with a linear guide, while the column drilling machine uses as a guide a round column that completely encloses the table holder.

Gang drilling Series Handheld Power Drill machines consist of several column drilling machines which operate a common drilling table. With them, various operations such as drilling and lowering can be performed on a workpiece in a single clamping. This allows a particularly fast and economical work.