Microwave, How It Works

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Safety Standards of a Microwave as Per 2015/2016 Test

Microwave Test 2015/2016 tells you about the current test winners in the field of microwaves. A microwave is standard equipment in every household.

The practical advantages can hardly be dismissed out of hand. There are a lot of offers on the market and it is certainly not easy to choose the right microwave. In the microwave test 2015/2016, we have put microwaves from different manufacturers to the test.

Below you will find a list of the best microwaves from the microwave test. We have reviewed the price, usability, performance and functionality and have given you an overview. Take a look around and examine the test reports from the microwave test 2015/2016. We will certainly make your purchase decision easier.

Microwave – the way it works

In principle, water molecules are brought into vibration and frictional heat is generated. Best Microwaveoven Review, The water molecules are electrically unbalanced and have a positive and negative side (electric dipole). That’s where a microwave comes in.

It creates an electric field created acts on both poles As a result, they rub against each other and generate heat energy. Each material consists to a certain percentage of water. The microwaves act on all foods.

The sticking point with this technology is that the radiation is acting on the dipolar molecules and not on the environment like the microwave oven itself.

Only the food is heated, not the turntable and the walls of the microwave. The first microwave oven was launched in 1947. , it was a voluminous “monster” with over one meter in length and a weight of more than 300 kilograms.

Since then, the devices have been significantly reduced and now fit into every household. On the way it works by means of magnetrons.

It produces an efficiency of about 60-80 percent. A microwave is a safe product, the shielding prevents radiation to humans. In the microwave test, we have in the microwave test, we have tested and presented products for you.

It produces an efficiency. It produces an efficiency of about 60-80 percent. In the microwave test, we have tested and presented products for you.

Users are a microwave oven are always protected. This is ensured by the innovative techniques that effectively shield the device.

Contrary to many critics’ opinions, microwaves are completely harmless. The device is traversed by thousands of fine metal wires, which dissipate the radiation.

Fuses ensure that operation can only be started when the door is closed. You can safely use a microwave oven without having to worry about your safety. The devices from the microwave test 2015/2016 are safe and safe to use.